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About Infomediary Campaign

About Infomediary Campaign

Youth and agriculture in the philippines

The Infomediary Campaign is an initiative to mobilize high school students to serve as information providers in the rice farming communities of the country. Ultimately it aims to address the information poverty in our remote rice farming communities. It employs several strategies such as provision information materials on rice for the school libraries, promotion of the PhilRice Text Center (texting platform that caters to all queries on rice production) and the Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank (website that contains massive information on rice production), establishment of rice gardens in participating schools, educational tours, and Infomediary Quiz Bee and Face Off (students give recommendations to rice farming concerns of farmers). The Campaign is now being implemented in 81 agricultural technical vocational high schools in the Philippines.Infomediary Banner

‘I am not agri person so I had to go out of my office, remove my shoes, wear farm gears, and go to the field to experience it for myself,” said Corazon Llapitan, former principal of CRVS, as she described her humble beginnings as the school’s principal in 2013.

Ma’am Cora was fully aware that general education, her line of expertise, is far different from her new school’s identity with a strong orientation in agriculture. Yet, she was not flustered. She even took the challenge of co-implementing the Infomediary Campaign in the school.About Infomediary Campaign

As she learned the fine points of the Campaign, she partnered with Horticulture teacher Elviranida Manuel and Internet and Computing Fundamentals (ICF) teacher Allan Tomas.

“We explored each other’s capabilities. We prepared a workplan and closely followed this. We dreamed and worked together,” she articulated.

Ma’am Cora served as the beacon of the teachers and the students. She continued to inspire and encourage them to continue their hardwork.About Infomediary Campaign

“Ma’am Cora is very supportive. She gives me opportunities to enhance my knowledge so that I may have better things to teach to students to become better infomediaries. She is a great motivator,” said Ma’am Elvie.
About Infomediary Campaign

And by doing this, she did not fail to be the principal force that pushed her co-implementers to do their best in their own tasks.