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Climate change – related websites

Our aim for this page is to facilitate searching of organizations working on climate change. Teachers, students, researchers, and policymakers will benefit from this initiative. We do not claim ownership of nor recommend these websites. Our advice is to exercise judgment in using the contents of these websites.


UN CC: Learn The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership

This website contains module guides with supporting visuals aids and fact sheets suited for educators both in formal and informal education

Climate Generation

The website has curriculum resources for Grades 3-12 such as curriculum guides, sample lessons, and online modules

Earth Day Network

The website is about an environmental movement that combines different strategies such as education, public policy, and campaigns on climate change.

Cornell Climate Change

The website contains plenty of information on climate change events, initiatives, research, student courses and organizations, and public engagement at Cornell University . This is recommended for extension educators and researchers.

The Teach Earth

This is a web portal hosted by the Science Education Resource Center based in the US. It has downloadable materials on modules on teaching climate change.

Extension: Issues, Innovation, Impact

Contains massive climate change research-based information focused on disaster issues, general agriculture, environment, family, and youth .

Climate Education for K-12

It contains basic to advanced information on climate and weather concepts suited for educators. Downloadable materials include illustrations, videos, and teaching activities

Climate Change Live

This website presents climate change information in a fun and engaging way. It has modules specific for K-12, K-8, 2-4, and 3-12.

Climate.gov | Science and information for a climate-smart nation

The Teaching Climate Page offers learning activities and curriculum materials, multimedia resources, and professional development opportunities such as joining virtual courses, webinars, and symposia for educators

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

This website presents research studies on public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy preferences and the underlying psychological, cultural, and political factors surrounding the issue.

Center for Climate Change Communication

Communication research studies relating to climate change are presented in this website. Recommendations are directed to government agencies and civic organizations. The key aim of this website is to improve public engagement on climate change.

Climate Communication | Science and Outreach

Educational resources, articles, related websites, videos, and reports on climate change are available in this website. Downloadable reports on climate change written by scientists and climate change communicators are available in this website.

Climate Visuals

This website mainly offers images on climate research studies, which can be used by teachers in their class presentations

Climate Central [US]

This website is being maintained by scientists and journalists in reporting climate change and its impact on the public. It has some quantity-heavy research findings that are converted into graphics

What we know

Scientists’ perspectives on climate change are presented through videos and media outreach

USAID Leaf Asia

Modules on climate change are among the major contents of this website. The modules are recommended for university professors, lecturers, teachers, and climate change training experts. User log in is required to access the contents of the website.

Inside Education

Learning resources and classroom and field Programs on climate change are among the key contents of this website.

Climate Change Education

Maintained by the British Council in Vietnam, this website contains educational activities on climate change for secondary high school teachers and students.

CLEAN Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network: Collection of Climate and Energy Educational Resources

Recommended for educators and scientists, this web portal contains an impressive collection of climate and energy science resources.

The Science Education Resource Center (SERC)

Engaging teaching activities and transformative workshops on climate change are available in this website.

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions | Knowledge • Insight • Action

It contains basic information on climate change adaptation and mitigation presented through animations and interactive courses.

Our Climate Our Future

Initiated by the Alliance for Climate Education based in the US, this website features an interactive video series for young people about climate change with trivia questions that are interspersed in between videos.


This is a go-to website on climate change communication (CCC) being maintained by Stockholm Environment Institute