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DC-860 double-sided blister packing machine

Characteristics: DC-860 double-sided blister packing machine is mainly designed for packing liquid and semi viscous product with plastic film roll.The machine is compact,safe and efficient in reducing production waste. Its modular and compact design shorten the design period and fasten the product updating. Reasonable structure with high quality makes the machine stable and durable. 技术参数(Specifications): 1、机器外形尺寸:2100x1150x1400(mm)(长x宽x高)。 Machine Dimension: 2100x1150x1400(mm)(LxWxH) 2、整机重量:1400Kg。 Machine Weight: 1400Kg 3、输入电压:三相380V50Hz。 Voltage: 3Phase, 380V 50Hz 4、包装材料:PVC/PE、PET/PE、PVDC等复合片材。 Packaging Material: PVC/PE、PET/PE、PVDC etc. Laminated Film 规格(0.3~0.4)*240max(mm)(或按模具规格) Size(0.3~0.4)*240max(mm)(Or subject to mold) 膜卷最大直径Φ400mm Max Diameter of Roll: Φ400mm 膜卷管心内径Φ76mm。 Diameter of Core: Φ76mm 5、每板灌装支数:2-5支/板(依灌装计量而定)。 Filling Number of Each Strip: 2-5pcs/strip(depends on filling volume) 6、生产效率:10-20次成型/分钟。 Speed: 10-20 strip/min 7、剂量范围:1-20ml/支。 Volume: 1-20ml/pcs 8、灌装精度:≤2%,符合国家标准。 Filling Accuracy: ≤2% 9、双面成型深度:10-20mm。 Depth of Double Molding: 10-20mm 10、单面成型深度:2-10mm。 Depth of Single Molding: 2-10mm

Suitable material
Applicable Film: single layer film or laminated film including PVC(PE)、PET(PE)、PVDC etc. can be applied on this machine. The use ratio of packaging material on this machine is usually more than 95%, some might go up to 99%.

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